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How to Office.Com/Setup in 5 Easy Steps | Office.Com Setup

Microsoft Office comprises all the necessary productivity apps including PowerPoint, Excel, Word and more. The products included in the package may differ, but the process of installing and setting up Office in computer remains the same. Follow the below steps on How to Office.Com/Setup in 5 Easy Steps to get running Office on your computer with minimal fuss.

It is undeniable fact that MS Office or Microsoft Office executive is the popular and widely used productivity programs in the world today. If you have got the License Key or the Product Key, you don’t even need the disc to in your computer. The process of Office installation is getting simpler and easier with the passing years. To set up the MS Office executive file on your computer you simply need to follow certain steps and get Office running on your computer without hassles.

How to Office.Com/Setup in 5 Easy Steps:


You may set up and install the Office directly from the disc or download the installer online. If you face difficulty in downloading and installing the set up on your computer then follow the tutorial below on How to Office.Com/Setup in 5 Easy Steps.


Step One – Uninstall the Old MS Office Version:

Keeping the older version of MS Office installed on your computer may cause error while setting up the new MS Office on your computer. To uninstall the older version, you need to go to Control Panel and Choose Programs and Features or Add/Remove Programs. Wait for the list to load and choose the older version of MS Office from the list and click on uninstall/remove button and wait till the process of uninstall completes.


Step Two – Insert New MS Office DVD:

Insert the MS Office DVD you got with the package into the DVD writer of your computer and click the setup file and store in on your system. Open the downloaded setup file and follow the instruction.

Step Three – Enter the Product Key:

Along with the package of MS Office, you will also get a unique product key which would comprise 25 characters. If you purchase the executive file of MS Office online, the product key will be displayed on the order confirmation window. You need to write down the product key in a paper which you require during the process of setting up the MS Office on your computer. Enter the product key when asked while setting up the Office in your computer and hit the button of enter and follow the instructions. After entering the product key you also need to accept the license terms to proceed with the installation of the MS Office. You need to check the box that indicates that you have read the terms of license and agree with the terms of use of Microsoft to complete the installation successfully.


Step Four – Choose The Installation:

This is the step where you can choose only the products that you want to install into your computer. If you check all the boxes of products, then it will install all the products available with the MS Office Package. All the products included in the package will be installed into the hard drive of your system. In this process you can choose the products that you need and avoid the others from installing into your system. For instance, if you only need to Excel and MS Word, then you may check the boxes of these two products and leave the other boxes blank. In this way you will get only the selected products of MS Office into your computer and the remaining products will not get installed.

Step Five – Wait Till Installation is Complete:

After checking all the boxes of terms and conditions and choosing the products you want to install, you finally need to click the install now button and wait till the installation is over. In between you will be asked to check few more boxes which you need to check to successfully Office.Com/Setup in Easy Steps. The time required for installation varies depending upon the version and speed of the processor. Once the installation is complete, you can access each product of MS Office package in your computer from the Start Menu. setup Microsoft Office © 2017 Frontier Theme